Buying Alt Coins

One of my favorite (and so far, the most lucrative) ways to make money with crypto is with alt coins. Alt coins, are mostly variances of coins based on Bitcoin and Etherium, although there are others as well. These coins are usually much less expensive, allowing you to purchase a lot more coins that say a Bitcoin. Some of these are Ripple(XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Neo (NEO), Verge(XVG), and about 1200 others.

Buying alt coins isn’t as difficult as initially buying Bitcoin. You will have to join another exchange though. There are a dozen or more exchanges out there. Some have lots of coins. Some only a few. I try and join ones that have all the coins I like to trade, just to make it easier. Some of the exchanges are very nice, with nice mobile apps as well. Some of them are sort of sketchy. One of my favorite ones recently quit accepting new members, so now, I recommend Binance! Binance is a newer exchange, but it has very low fees. They also trade a lot of the more well known coins. You can sign up for a free account by clicking here! It is very easy and quick to get signed up with them.

One you create an account, you need to click on the “FUNDS” tab, Deposits & Withdrawls. This page opens to show all kinds of coins. I circled in the image below so you can see where you need to click, DEPOSIT for Bitcoin. IF YOU ARE SENDING LTC, ETH, or BCH, it is done the same way but CHOOSE THE CORRECT DEPOSIT button for that coin! You will NEED TO HAVE BTC TO BUY ALT COINS though. IF you send LTC for instance, you will need to sell your LTC first which will change it to BTC so you can buy alt coins.

Clicking this will load the deposit window and give you your address to send your bitcoin to. Next you will copy that address and return to Coinbase. Click on SEND in coinbase, enter the address, the amount you want to send, and you can now send the Bitcoin to Binance.

Time to buy Alt coins!

On the top, towards the left side, click on EXCHANGE and under the drop down BASIC. This will load the exchange for you. You can see I highlighted a couple things. TRX/BTC means I am looking at the exchange for TRX (Tron). Last price is the last bought/sold price in BTC/USD. On the right I highlighted the search box. Enter the name or symbol of the coin you want to buy/sell here, then click on it to bring up the correct exchange.

As you scroll down, you will see the buy/sell boxes. I highlighted the BUY boxes. The Price, is the price in BTC you want to pay per coin. The Amount is how many you want to buy. It will auto calculate the total for you. BTC Balance, where I crossed out my balance, shows you how much BTC you have to spend. You can set a price higher or lower than the current price. As soon as your buy order is picked up, it will complete it and you will see your BTC balance drop and (in this case TRX) balance go up. I am not going to get into reading the charts, that is something you will need to learn on your own. This tutorial just shows you how to physically buy alt coins.