The end of HYIP’s

So recently, Bitconnect decided it was no longer going to offer it’s lending program. At least they didn’t cut and run like most of the HYIP’s out there. But…Bitconnect was the big one. The most well done one. The one people didn’t think would go away. They DID let everyone withdraw what they were owed, except it was in their coin, which…if their lending program was ended, the value of the coin tanked almost instantly. I was able to sell my remaining coins for about $380. So in all, I did make money, but it really wasn’t worth the time I put into it.

So my results from HYIP investing:

Bitlake – Lost $50

Bitpetite – Made a little bit, but would have made out big had I not reinvested a bunch right before they went down.

Regalcoin – I think I am about even with this one. I haven’t checked in weeks. Probably should do that.

Bitconnect – Maybe made a few hundred bucks over 6 months. I could have made way more if that money had been invested into other coins.

In the end…HYIP’s are TOO risky for me. None of them last. I will never invest in another one.

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