1-3-2018 Update

So I have been busy and gotten a bit behind. I have made some changes to the site today to reflect a different path I have started heading down, as well as change up some info. I also thought it was time for an update.

Bitconnect: I am still doing Bitconnect. It is still paying. I have pulled some money out of it to get my capital back (so even if it dissapears tomorrow, I am still ahead). I have about $3400 invested right now, from my initial $670 I put in.

Bitpetite: It is long gone with my money. I apologize to any who followed me there.

Trading: My new hobby and passion. I have been trading alt coins. It, so far, has done very well.

Overall: I have paid myself back, everything I put in out of pocket, plus about 10%. So everything I have invested currently, is all profit. This is a great feeling. If I lost it all today, I am out only time. Overall though, even after the losses, I am up about 3 times what I initially invested.

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