BitPetitie, Bitconnect, and Bittrex Updates

So far, I am 9 days into BitPetite. It IS Paying out as promised. I have had no isses with withdrawing profits and their customer service has gotten back to me within hours, both times I messaged them. Made just under $300 in 9 days!

Bitconnect has been slower. Low interest rates so I have had a few days that I wasn’t able to reinevest. I have had a couple good days, where I could reinvest quite a bit. I am right around $1500 in there now, so it is still working.

Bitcoin and day trading some other currencies…well…Bitcoin has sucked this week. Everything has been down. I bought some more Bitcoin, but it dropped nearly $800 the next day (figures), but I know it will come back up again. It is all just people freaking out because of the fake news from China and what one JP Morgan banker said about Bitcoin. Of course he is against Bitcoin. He didn’t invest in it. He want’s people doing fiat investments so he can get rich(er)!

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