My bitconnect story – Day 60

Sooo…I seem to have hit a little snag. I have decided I wanted to invest some bigger money into Bitconnect. The problem I have came to, has nothing to do with Bitconnect and everything to do with Coinbase and buying Bitcoin. Seems like in this day and age, of technology, one would be able to simply purchase more Bitcoin. No so much.

First…my credit cards (I registered 3 of them to be sure) have a combined weekly limit of like $150. It used to be more, but for some reason it wwent down. So I decided to link a bank account, which would give me a much higher limit. I had to verify them which takes 2 to 3 business days to show in your bank account. Okay, got that done. I should be able to transfer funds now right/ Wrong. It takes 6 days to transfer the money into my USD wallet on coinbase. From there, I have to wait to see if Bitcoin comes back down (was $4300 when I decided to add more, currently on day 3 it is almost $4700).

Hopefully this will all be cleared up soon and I can start getting ready to invest some bigger coin (pun intended) into bitconnect. In the meantime, I am using Bitpetite to make some extra cash to put towards it!

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