My first 48 hours with BitPetite

I am always weary of some of these high risk high yield sites, but a buddy put me onto this BitPetite. I started wwith $850 worth of bitcoin. IT is supposed to pay a rate of 4.5% over 6 weeks. I am supposed to make enough money in 4 weeks to get my capital back.

After 48 hours, I have made almost $90! That is a pretty good return! At this rate, I should make my $850 in less time than the 4 week expected date.

I selected the Bitcoin to Bitcoin option. It make sense to me. Choosing the BTC to USD option locks in the price of Bitcoin, which is great if you expect the price to BTC to fall but I don’t. By choosing BTC to BTC, I am paid a percentage in Bitcoin, which is the market holds well, should be worth a tad more when I am done.

I will update how it goes.


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